Our Vision

Zudura Health believes in partnerships. With a Zudura Private Health Service Plan (PHSP) we create value by adding to your bottom line. Through saving you money, at the same time offering your employees unrestricted benefits.

Zudura Health ensures an exceptional experience in all aspects, for the Plan Sponsor and Plan Member, from the friendly initial meeting to the user-friendly interface.

Our Story

The Co-Founder was involved in assisting his spouse set up her family practice. During the discussion of employee compensations it was made abundantly clear that a traditional health and dental plan just would not make sense when it came to the business’s bottom line and the employee’s satisfaction to such restrictive health and dental plans. This was the “there’s gotta be a better way” moment. And the Co-Founder instinctively looked at the legislation where he quickly discovered an alternative to the traditional health and dental benefits, Private Health Services Plan (PHSP).

Next Steps...

Let Zudura Health demonstrate how a PHSP can benefit your business.