What is a Zudura Private Health Service Plan (PHSP) and how does it work ?

A Zudura Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) is a Canadian tax-free vehicle for financing health care costs. PHSP's were introduced in 1989 by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in their interpretation bulletin IT-339R2. Today, they are one of the most popular forms of health spending accounts in the Canadian market.

What are the major advantages of a Zudura PHSP?

Some of the major advantages of a Zudura PHSP include:

  • Full Reimbursement – The entire amount of the eligible benefit claim is reimbursed at 100% up to the yearly limit that your Plan Sponsor will set.
  • Tax Savings – Eligible benefits are tax-free
  • Greater Control – Your Plan Sponsor will decide on the benefit limit
  • Choice - You are given greater access to the medical service that you want and/or require.
  • Universal Coverage – Get a wider range of coverage compared to traditional benefit plans.
  • Simplicity– All you need to do is submit the receipt provided by the medical practitioner to ZH, which can be done in a variety of ways; mail, fax, desktop website and mobile website (mobile app coming soon)
  • No premiums - With traditional benefits there are times where the employee also will pay all or a portion of the premium, with a Zudura PHSP there are no premiums to be paid by you

What is covered under the plan ?

The range of eligible expenses under a Zudura PHSP is extensive, much more coverage compared to traditional benefits, this is its greatest asset. Please see our "Resources" page to see "Eligible Medical Expenses" & "Authorized Medical/Dental Service Providers"..

How much is my claim limit ?

Your claim limit will be set by the Plan Sponsor.

What is the start date for eligible expenses in my Zudura PHSP ?

Your Plan Sponsor will specify the Effective Date. This is done by establishing the “benefit year”. E.g. If the company year-end is December, 2018 and you register for the plan on June, 2018, the effective period for the first benefit year would be January, 2018 to December, 2018. Therefore, claims made by you will be able to retrospectively be claimed for the entire year.

What is the deadline for submitting a claim ? and how often can I submit claims ?

We recommend all claims to be submitted within 30 days of the year-end, therefore Zudura Health can provide the Plan Sponsor with the annual report on a timely basis, to be used for tax deduction.

In regards to submitting claims, you can submit as many claims as you would like and for any amount (coverage only up to the limit assigned). There are no surcharges or hidden fees to you or the Plan Sponsor.

How do I ensure my information is private and safe ?

Zudura Health recognizes the importance of privacy and security of the information about your medical benefits plan, health & dental plan provisions, employee benefits claims, and medical coverage receipts. We have established a second computer network within our central office that is completely separate from the Internet. There are no wireless cards, or cable connections to the Intranet making our computers and network system completely independent and free standing within our business premises. The standard physical safeguards, security locks and protection are in place to protect the computers from physical interference by unauthorized entities.

How do I submit documentation to Zudura Health ? and what should be included ?

Submitting a claim online is easy, simply click on the “Submit a Claim” tab, which is only accessible once you have logged-in with your username and password. The required information will be automatically populated. Therefore, all you do is attach all relevant files (such as invoice, receipts and payment cheques). Once you are done attaching all your files, click the “Send” Button. Now you are all done, your claim will be processed by Zudura Health.You are also able to submit documents via mail, fax and mobile website (mobile app coming soon).

Plan Members should include all original documents relating to the transaction with the health and dental practitioner.

What is the time period for receiving reimbursements/claims ?

You will see reimbursements within two weeks of Zudura Health receiving the claim.