Privacy Policy

The Zudura Health Privacy Policy advises you of our obligation to your privacy regarding the Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) service for Plan Sponsors and Plan Members. It illustrates how we safeguard your privacy and how we uphold the confidentiality of your health and dental benefits information.

1. Why Does Zudura Health Require Your Information?

Zudura Health requires your, and/or your beneficiaries, confidential health and dental information as it is essential to Zudura Health’s PHSP business operation. We collect and store the aforementioned information about your health and dental benefits claims for the following reasons:

a) Eligibility of coverage;

b) Adjudication of claim;

c) Record of claim transaction; and

d) Reporting of any tax related information pertaining to PHSP benefits

2. What Does Zudura Health Collect?

We only collect information related to your health and dental claims. We obtain the majority of our information directly from you. There is no additional personal information about you or your beneficiaries from any other third parties regarding your PHSP. Zudura Health may record your telephone discussions with our agents, voice mail that and/or e-mail messages that you may optionally choose to leave regarding your PHSP or other unrelated information.

3. What Does Zudura Health Share?

Zudura Health does not share any of your personal information, which may include your contact information inclusive of your phone number or e-mail with any third parties. Zudura Health will only release such aforementioned personal information where we are required to so by law. Zudura Health will only release such information if it is a written request by a federal or provincial regulatory body. If such a request is made Zudura Health will notify you.

4. How Does Zudura Health Store and Handle Your Information?

Zudura Health stores all information in digital format only. Any paper-based information received by Zudura Health regarding your PHSP are scanned and stored on our secured business computer. Once scanned any and all paper-based information is destroyed. Zudura Health in protecting your personal information has instituted a system where any and all such information is housed on completed standalone system that is not connected to the Internet. The length of time we store this information depends on local and federal regulatory requirements and may extend beyond the time you are a customer of Zudura Health.

5. Zudura Health Website

When you visit we do not record your personal identity in any way. However, Zudura Health may make use of Internet cookies to track the sequence and duration of which pages are viewed on our website. All such information collected will not be information specifically about you in particular but instead collected as an aggregate of all users.

Zudura Health has the capability of receiving information from new Plan Sponsors and Plan Members who are registering for the Zudura PHSP as well as the ability to submit claims. This information includes may include corporate and/or personal financial information as well as your medical benefits plan, health & dental plan provisions, employee benefits claims, and medical coverage receipts. Zudura Health employs current industry-standard security on the aforementioned information on our internal system.

Zudura Health may offer a Plan Sponsor and/or a Plan Member user access portal for online convenience. Zudura Health has committed to employ sufficient measures to safeguard any information provided via these user access portals. As Zudura Health takes the utmost precautions around personal information we have implemented a proprietary process to download this information from our internet interfacing computer and manually move the digital data/information to our standalone computer system (which is not connected to the internet). All data/information received via the Internet interfacing computer is purged daily.

6. E-mail

As e-mail sent over the Internet is not encrypted and can be intercepted, Zudura Health will not request that you transmit via e-mail any confidential information regarding your Zudura PHSP. If you request to send and/or receive personal information by e-mail correspondence and agree to the aforementioned risks, Zudura Health will correspond in the requested manner. When you send Zudura Health an e-mail or when you ask us to respond to you by e-mail, we learn your personal or business e-mail address and learn any information you have included in the e-mail. According to the anti-spam legislation in Canada, we will only utilize your e-mail address to acknowledge your comments and/or reply to your querries. Zudura Health will store your communication and our reply in case we correspond further. Zudura Health will not sell your e-mail address to anyone, or allow any third parties to have access to your e-mail address or other contact information for any reason whatsoever. For Plan Sponsors, Zudura Health will use your e-mail address to send you reminder notices about your year-end and to send notifications regarding any reimbursement payments. If you do not want Zudura Health to contact you by e-mail, you may advise at any time.

7. Contact

If you have any concerns, please contact our Privacy Officer by e-mail at or write to us at:

Privacy Officer

Zudura Health

250 University Ave

Suite 200

Toronto, Ontario

M5H 3E5